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Monday, August 4, 2008

Harbor Porpoises Washing up on California Beaches

There has been quite a bit of media attention around the high number of dead harbor porpoises The Marine Mammal Center has picked up off of beaches in the past few months. Each year, there are a number of harbor porpoises found dead on beaches during this period. Researchers aren't exactly sure why this might be, but there are different hypotheses, such as the possibility of domoic acid poisoning which is caused by a toxic algae that is consumed by fish, and then passed on to marine mammals through that fish. It is known that California sea lions that are rescued by the Center can have permanent brain damage and seizures as a result of the toxin. Whether or not some of the harbor porpoises picked up recently were afflicted by the same thing is unknown. Other conditions that are being looked at include unidentified lesions and infections. The Center has sent out samples from necropsies to the lab, and preliminary pathology reports may take several months to be sent back. Until then, the Center will continue to investigate whether or not there are any common links between the deaths.

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Meritme said...

On a return sail from San Pablo Bay on August 3, 2008, we spotted what appeared to be at least one Harbor Porpoise in the mid afternoon. We observed several breachings close to the boat. It was a heavy flood current at the time. Our observation was about half way between the Brothers and Marin Islands still in deep water. First time we've sited Porpoise in the bay!