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Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Official...Seahawk is Going to be a Proud Pop!

Seahawk as a pup found stranded on a tent. Photo submitted by Mary Ann Finger

Seahawk stands proud at The Pittsburgh Zoo.

It's official! The ultrasound results are in revealing that Seahawk and mate "Zoey" are expecting a pup!

Seahawk, a California sea lion, is a former rescue patient of The Marine Mammal Center. Found orphaned at an early age, Seahawk was rehabilitated for malnourishment. He was a unique case because despite release efforts, he re-stranded multiple times. It is not known why exactly this happens, but when it does The Center tries its best to find the animal a new home. Because of this, Seahawk was taken to the Pittsburgh Zoo for his permanent digs.

Now, 4 years old and weighing in at over 200 lbs, he has successfully bred with 14 year old pen mate Zoey; making him a soon-to-be dad! The expected pup will be Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium's first ever California sea lion pup to be born at the Zoo. Keepers and officials are preparing for the new arrival that should happen some time this summer by making the pen more "pup friendly".

We're excited here at TMMC to hear the recent news, and eager to report any new developments about Seahawk and his new family!

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