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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Young Sea Lion Pup Discovered on Richmond Parkway

Above: "Moody" the California sea lion pup upon arrival to The Marine Mammal Center. Photos by TMMC.

Early Thursday morning around 1:30 A.M. the Center received a call regarding a small California sea lion pup stranded in an usual place. Frightened and alone, the 9-10 month old sea lion was discovered on the Richmond Parkway near Giants Road.

The thirty pound pup appeared to have wandered onto the dangerous expressway in search of food, which is commonly the case in stranded sea lion pups. “Sea lion pups are weaned by nine months, at that time they are learning to survive on their own” explains Stranding Manager Shelbi Stoudt.

The frightened pup hid underneath a police cruiser until corralled by rescuers who then wrapped the small pinniped in a towel and brought it to The Marine Mammal Center. The Center won’t known whether the pup is male or female for a few days, as he or she will need to rest and adjust to its new surroundings.

The malnourished pup will be given a full veterinary examination within the next few days and its treatment will be decided at that time. For now, the pup is safe and resting after a traumatic experience that could have resulted in a grim ending.

The pup has been given the name"Moody" in honor of Richmond police Officer Brad Moody, who died earlier this year in a car accident.

Update 5/26/09- Dr. Frances Gulland announced this morning that Moody has died due to malnourishment. Although Moody's story didn't have a happy ending, the Center can use the information gathered from this case to help future patients.

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