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Friday, October 1, 2010

Coastal Clean-Up Day Removes 164 Pounds of Trash from Rodeo Beach!

Volunteers armed with plastic gloves and trash bags head down to the sand to collect ocean trash on Coastal Clean-Up Day 2010.

It was unusually hot on Rodeo Beach, but the weather made for some very productive ocean trash collection on this year's Coastal Clean-Up Day. About 165 volunteers gathered 164 pounds of ocean trash -- that's approximately one pound per volunteer!
What kinds of things were collected? First, 98 pounds of trash were removed. Second, 16 pounds of rusty metal and 50 pounds of wood with nails were collected. In addition, half a table from a boat was found and removed. That brought the grand total of trash up to 164 pounds! But that's not all. The energetic volunteers also collected 8 pounds of recycling.
As usual, some odd items were found: an ear plug, a Halloween spider ring, and a metal snap tie for foundations.
Thank you to everyone who came and helped out! If you weren't able to come, remember that every day of the year can be a coastal clean-up day. There are so many easy things we can do to incorporate this mindset into our everyday activities.

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Rosy Smith said...

Wow good work...
"Coastal Clean-Up Day Removes 164 Pounds of Trash from Rodeo Beach"
I think we must have to clean our sea beach area..
good going guys
Sea Life